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About me:Convinced I was a musician (or a writer) in a former life ;-), unfortunately i've come back with not so much personal talent, but a heart full of appreciation for great music across a lot of genres. I do try to play guitar, key word being try (i'm a beginner in terms of skills, and hopelessly untalented!), and i do try to sing along, that's why i play in the first place, really, as a backdrop to singing. Speaking of which, I'm quite afraid to record my voice as it will probably shatter any and all delusions to it's quality (ok, ok, i admit I still hold out hope of being an indie musician, bringing a emotional tear to the eyes of adoring fans everywhere... ;-) Lol.
Member Since:August 29, 2006
Last Login:June 22, 2011
Location:King of Prussia, PA
Birthday:May 28
Music means to me:see above
Schools:UNC Chapel Hill
General Interests:Guitar & music (obviously!). Outdoor activities, especially if I can get out on the water, cooking and healthy eating (vegetarian).
Other Distractions:Fav Quote: Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkein)


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