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About me:An all out party revolution…the sunshine never stops and the unique blend of NOLA style funk, conscious hip-hop, and soul as deep as the Atlantic never stops either.

Green Sunshine has been rising and setting in Tampa, Fl since 2008 and has spread their rays up and down the east coast touring relentlessly spreading the love and non-stop party to every city they have reached.

From their amazing rhythm section, to the smooth notes of the sultry sounding trumpet, to the rapid fire delivery of the Mc’s, and the soul sex appeal of the female vocalist…. not shaking your butt and letting loose when you see them live is virtually impossible.
Member Since:February 2, 2009
Last Login:December 17, 2013
Location:Tampa, FL
Birthday:May 23
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!
General Interests:Dancing!!!

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The Bay Interview with Green Sunshine
Tue 5/11/2010 6:42AM
Hey Green Sunshine.... thanks for taking the time to chat. I read on your bio that each band member comes from all over the states. How did you all come together? How long have you been playing together