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About me:I'm putting a new face on the late 60s, early 70s sound that made the Bay Area what it is. I'm one of the “top” female guitarists in the The Bay Area and was recently featured in the International Music Magazine “Guitar Player.”

I write my own uplifting compositions to covering the best Top 40 classic rock, funk, R&B and Motown. I put on an electrifying, high-energy, family-friendly show that appeals to all ages. I'm influenced by great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Sly and The Family Stone. I'm often referred to as "Jimi's Sister" because of my original song of the same name that I wrote as a dedication to Jimi. I love dress colorfully, entertain and help people smile and feel good about themselves.
Member Since:October 17, 2001
Last Login:October 29, 2015
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:December 23
Music means to me:Music is my passion, it feeds my soul. It's my voice, my expression, my creativity. I create and use music to heal, to inspire and to spread a message of peace, love, and hope for a better tomorrow.
Schools:Granada High School, Chabot College, San Francisco State University
General Interests:Shredding on guitar, teaching others how to shred on guitar, nature, conservation, helping others, spirituality, peace, love, and hope.
Other Distractions:movies, dining, golf, working out, writing music, hanging out with friends


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