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About me:hey my names steve! i live in northern NY! 45 mins from moe.down baby !! moe. is my fav. band. I love the disco biscuits phish and any other band like them the list goes on and on. i love going to jam shows becuase of all the good vibes and genarally nice people.. you just dont get that in any other other scene(well at least from my experaince) but anyway jam music is more than just music to me its a way of life !!
Member Since:January 10, 2007
Last Login:May 18, 2007
Location:Pierrepont Manor, NY
Music means to me:seems like music is the only thing that keeps me going its the 1st thing i hear wheni wake up and the last thing when i fall asleep any extra cash i have usually ends up being spend on a ticket or cd. i just feel so good when im jammin to sweet tunes. its amazing how music can make a person feel. it can make you bounce around the room or send you into a trance like state and i think thats the coolest thing in the world !!
General Interests:snowboarding paintball dancing history glass pipes and festivals
Other Distractions:music dvds and comedys mainly stoner comedys haha but thats about it most stuff on TV isnt as good as saterday morning cartoons used to be hehe


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