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About me:I play rhythm guitar and sing for The Kickdowns. I also go to work and drink beer. Well, I mean, I go to work, and I also drink beer. I don't literally go to work and drink beer. That would be cool, though, like if I worked at a brewery as a beer taster or something. As it is, I listen to Ryan Adams and say, "goddamn, why didn't I write that song?" And the next day I pick up the guitar and just try to make something happen in my own way, and sometimes it does.
Member Since:December 22, 2007
Last Login:December 22, 2007
Location:Crittenden, KY
Birthday:November 24
Music means to me:The reason for getting up in the morning or for travelling hundreds of miles and waiting in traffic for 14 hours or for humming something I dreamed once I wake up (and it still fades from memory before I can get to the guitar) or for having fingertips that are cut but not bleeding or getting my glasses knocked off in the pit when I was 15 and again when I was 34.
Schools:high school/college/life
General Interests:books, debunking urban legends and superstitions, movies, trivia, sports, good tv shows (yeah, not all hippies pretend to hate tv)
Other Distractions:pretty women, shiny things, butterflies, dogs wagging their tails


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