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About me:i am a pretty easy-going person... at least when it comes to other people (i am usually harder on myself than others).. i like new and interesting things because spontaneity and originality is pretty important in my book (unless you try wayy too hard for it haha)
Member Since:November 22, 2002
Last Login:July 4, 2011
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:February 9
Music means to me:a lot... my tastes are generally always changing but i like a very wide range of things.. bluegrass to electronica, rock, classical, jazz, most everything that isnt commercial or overexpressive ... oh and rap.. i dont like that
Schools:frostburg state university (frostburg, md)- philosophy major and writing minor, thomas s wootton high school (rockville, md)
General Interests:listening to music, concerts, watching sports, cute animals, outer space is interesting and so are most things on educational television, ill admit i do like video games ... but mostly sports or racing ones
Other Distractions:some television, mostly things about sports, music, or educational things, i read relix and sports illustrated regularly... umm books are good i just dont read enough of them... i like to go through logical progressions in my head and figure out things... i also like sudoku or however you spell it (that numbers game that everyone plays now)


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