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About me:Lead singer/guitarist/songwriter in a band called The Freetones up in Eugene, Oregon. I've been a Deadhead since the 90's (RIP Welnick). You can check out my band at
Member Since:May 25, 2001
Last Login:October 23, 2008
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:May 3
Music means to me:Music is everything to me. It is my religion, my release, my most believable expression.
Schools:University of Oregon, Lane Community College, Los Alamitos High School, Cerritos High School, Orange County High School of the Arts
General Interests:Family/friends, music, art, outdoors, gaming, poetry.
Other Distractions:lord of the rings, indiana jones, star wars, hobbit, on the road, apocalypse now, cuckoos nest, kesey, lucas, life aquatic with steve zissou, wes anderson, coen brothers, oh brother where art thou, kubrick, scorcese, peter jackson, world of warcraft.


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