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About me:Of course I'll start with the cliche statement that I love music and all that garbage.
Like most other artsy-fartsy intellectuals, I play the guitar, flute, bass, love art, vintage shit, ect.
When I go to a show I try to make it the most enjoyable experience yet. Each show I go to gets better and better.
I'm from the Atlanta, Georgia area, and I am constantly going to shows.
Member Since:November 20, 2004
Last Login:June 25, 2015
Location:Columbus, GA
Birthday:September 29
Music means to me:As a musician and a listener, to me music is what keeps me going. Music can alter my mood, feelings, and perceptions of the world. The one thing in life I can count on is music-- not people, events, or what have you, but music. I can always put on a favorite cd, and count on feeling damn good.
Schools:University of Georgia
General Interests:guitar, mandolin, bass, music, art, antiques, entertainment & medical malpractice law, concerts, vintage clothing, politics...

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