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About me:I'm a pretty strong beliver in finding your bliss and following it. Treasure the people in your life that give you joy and try your very best to spread that positive energy to anyone and everyone whose around you. Nothings nicer than knowin' you put a smile on someone's face :) I'm very easily fascinated and always down for any type of adventure! I see as much live music as i possibly can, it's by far my favorite thing to do! I'm totally in love with life and all it has to offer us, and I intend of fully taking advantage of it and enjoying every moment to the fullest--Can't wait to see what it has in store for me!
Life's a journey, enjoy the ride!

--I love our earth, please respect, any little bit makes a difference. We are all together.

Sending peaceful and harmonious vibes to alll!

Member Since:August 20, 2008
Last Login:About 3 days ago
Location:Alpharetta, GA
Birthday:February 3
General Interests:yoga, beach, mountains (preferably next to each other), live music, dancing, my amazing best friends, laughing uncontrollably, sweetwater blue, photography, hoOpin', drawing, any type of art.. i especially love to paint, kayaking, rock climbing, long bike rides, hiking... really anything outdoors, SCI, johnny depp movies, sushi, peace, philosophy, herb, road trips, environmental science, bluemoon with orange, sea turtles, iced soy chai tea lattes, frisbeee, rain, psychedelic psychotherapy, sunflower fields in southern spain :), ladies night at ozone, really big grassy hills, smiley faces, those dancin bears, meditation, willow trees, swirls of color, beds that resemble clouds, tom's slipons, chips 'n salsa, that time of fall where all the leaves just begin to change in color.... & so much more :)


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