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About me:Live me and lets go! Live in a small town just west of Athens, GA. Catch as much live music as I can. Have been to 43 US States, Canada, and May-hee-co. Favorite venue...Red Rocks...with the Fox Theater in ATL a close second.
Member Since:January 26, 2008
Last Login:July 14, 2015
Location:Bethlehem, GA
Birthday:March 4
Music means to me:Soulful Bliss. Sharing good times with those who 'get it' Catching the unexpected feeling from a show you never thought was possibe.
Schools:BA UGA 1995
General Interests:Mountain Biking, Travelling, Camping, Hiking, Road Trips!
Other Distractions:Brewing GOOD beer, trading music, being outside!


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