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About me:Livin the dream in the Redwoods sunny Humboldt county, I love Family Friends, Nature, Music, and life in general. I came to get Down is a phrase i try to live by.
Member Since:June 9, 2006
Last Login:November 24, 2013
Location:Garberville, CA
Birthday:February 2
Music means to me:it tells the story of us all, one way or another. I gotta have it day and night, inside and out. I like it in the here, and in the there, ya know. It pushes me to new heights, and makes me infinitely want more outta life, while at the same time, making love this finite life so much!! Boo Yoo its all Dat.
Schools:the road
General Interests:gardening, Sustainablity, traveling the world, pretty much gettin down.
Other Distractions:swimming rafting hiking in my Backyard.


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