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Location:Bolingbrook, IL
Birthday:August 13
Music means to me:Music is an art that I relate to.I love the lyrics that are placed together to create emotion that the creator related to at one point in his/her life and it just so happens that many many others also relate to those exact words. The music that enthralls the lyrics is amazing on another level. The music puts more emotion and emphasis into the meaning and actually sets the mood for the song.There are many songs that put me into a certain mood of nostalgia that just put me at complete ease. Music is my journey to my escape. Music is my rest-stop along my journey to my escape. Music is my pre-game while getting ready for my trip to my escape. Music is my dream during the rest that I am taking to prepare for my journey to my escape. Once I am at my escape, there is more music. After my escape, there is rest to prepare for another journey for another escape, during which I dream music. Point made?
Schools:Local Union 281


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