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About me:I live in detroit right now, but i have what the travel channel calls "the bug" and i jsut cant stay in one place. i need to get a job but...that just sounds so lame. Im hoping to live in chicago then move back out to colorado. I miss the mountains and the music scene there.
Member Since:May 28, 2009
Last Login:February 4, 2010
Birthday:May 26
Music means to me:Letting yourself be immersed in the sound another human is offering you, allowing your mind to assimilate to new feelings and ideas-conveyed through the emotions and phrasing of tones. Appreciating creativity and new ideas, live music IS HAPPENING NOW< BE IN THE NOW
boulder college of massage therapy
school of life
General Interests:ganja,scenic views, dub and dubstep,love,hunting,fishing,climbing,camping,beer,sex, festivals,hand drumming, stand up bass and cello, bio electromagnetic waves.
Other Distractions:porn is lame, go find a cute girl/boy and talk.
a porn could happen to you if you let it.

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