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About me:I am an audio engineer, and founder of the 131 Records record label. In my day, I have been the engineer for countless bands. I logged quite a bit of time with Reckoning, Wonderous Stories, and Mother Freedom. I was engineer, manager and record producer for 23 Band. These days, I primarily work with The Point, KGB, and More Than Nothing.
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Music means to me:Music is my number one distraction from reality, for better or for worse.
Schools:Five Towns College, SUNY-Oneonta, John F. Kennedy H.S. - Bellmore, NY
General Interests:More music.
Other Distractions:Some Star Trek, lots of Star Wars. A bunch of expensive computer-related stuff.

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The Point at Wonder Bar, 12-31-2008 NYE
Fri 1/2/2009 4:26PM
WOW, I just found this journal page. Never knew it existed. This just might be the coolest place on the internet to throw down a Blog. Very cool, indeed.

I got to live out a childhood fantasy on this past New Year's Eve, at Wonder Bar, in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

I am close friends with the guys in The Point ( I am their audio engineer and their record label. About a week and a half ago, I got a phone call from Colin, the bass player in The Point. He asked me if I had a pair of batwings and a cape.

Though The Point are primarily a band that plays intense, progressive-rock originals with an intelligent, post-jazz, post-jam flavor, A week and a half later, I found myself in full cotume (custom-made by myself and my best friend/seamstress, Liz), performing a cover of the Genesis classic, Watcher of the Skies.

It took the full week and a half to get the costume together, and I had to hit about 15 stores to find all of the parts and fabric. Liz didn't get the pieces to sew together for the cape until the very night before the show. Sadly, she could not attend the show to see me flap my ten-foot wingspan.

The actual performance was very emotional for me. I listened to very little aside from Genesis during the 1980's, thus my nickname... and I almost cried a few times on stage.

Thanks, guys, for this most excellent and unique opportunity. Thanks, also, to all of you Point and U-Melt and PhanPhest fans who stuck around until 3:30 in the morning to check out The Point.


As of now, we have no pictures, video, or other recording of this event. If anyone has any kind of record of this set by the Point, or has pictures of me in costume onstage, please, please, please, drop me a line! Thanks!