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About me:heya I'm jim
My passion is art glass and following tour.
wide spread panic mixed in with some Sts9 disco biscuts, P groove and tons of midd town sceens from geto punk at the rally point /memphis to irish jigs at Kelly's irish pub/french quarter, new orleans.
I travel a lot seeing live music it gives me a sense of culture. memphis is the large town i am closes to. memphis has a good vibe with attitude but by seeing music in other metropolitain areas U creat a greater consept of how the artists world works, and the underground music comunity runns. there are tons of great bands playing in small venues every where. when i am traveling promoting my art(blown glass) i find a cultural hot spot with open and acepting people surrounding the music subculture:the band, the bar tenders, the light man, the regular that comes to that bar every week(or night). these people make up the Experience
Member Since:November 13, 2006
Last Login:May 16, 2013
Location:Bethel Springs, TN
Birthday:December 30
Music means to me:Music is not a religion but if it were i would be a follower. I had a Girl i loved break my heart. Music is where i found my smile back. i found friend. I found girls, and people that respected my art.
the music festival experience has left great memories. the long walks to This stage and That Stage Other tent or was that the Other stage and that tent...Broo....getting my pics taken by apache helicopters at the experiment at the Wakarusa. a sea of spunions
eat+sleap+panic rollin' on panic u get stuck in a de'javue go to the show, then the after party, then the after the after party then the hotel, that turns out to be some one elses but why not ride the elivators and score some free soap cause your not a dirty hippie your a panic child as u split clean after pulling the fire alarm and then going to waffle house.
Schools:home K=12
General Interests:glassblowing, music, art, jimbe african drum, dig, native american flute
Other Distractions:glassblowing,pulp fiction, famly guy,
playing pool, black smithing, pottery, organic farming


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