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About me:call me Cr@zY but I have FuN ~Mu$ic* luver & show junkie I crave a Festival full of good beats awsome pple and tasty treats : ) just makin it one show @ a time~ I am blessed with my family & friends I thank God everyday!!!! I AM GRATEFUL -* My grass is blue*
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Music means to me:*I LOVE MY MUSIC*" music is what makes the world go round" It is the 1 thing that every one can share, It is a universal language, I can let loose and dance for hours to a good jam band! the kind of good ol beats that tell a story,set u free and let u be


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Thu 7/30/2009 10:11PM
 damn . . . i cant begin  think @ wut a summer of music this has been---> RoThBuRy cant wait 2 go back for more nxt year #3!!!! when we got home on the 6th of july we were lucky 2 arrive home 2 a GOVT MULE show on the 7th @ da rvr frnt in peoria illinois!!  sorry cnt get enough of rothbury~STRING CHEESE was the ssshhhiiitttttttt lovd it got it in video thank u ! KW & SCI luv it!! *#*#FIRE WORKS*#*# w the  DEAD!!  good ol US BLUES willie again :) the first time i saw  bob dylan i was 13w my bestie@ the state fairNOW wow!!does age take ur voice :( ~~MOE came 2 c us in peoria illinois . . .  not done will finish ltr : p
IM so ready 2 GO BACK
Sat 6/6/2009 11:21AM
    Rothbury is almost here this years line awsome  im coming home with video 2 wtch 4ever  2 sets of string cheese, + 2 sets of the DEAD another 4th of july with LES CLAYPOOL, john butler , bob dylan+++ many more : ) i wnt B home 2 catch my river front shows bt ill still c YONDER @ rothbury ** i have been going 2 shows @ the rivr frnt since i ws 13 i grew up wtchn showz @ the madison theatre bt it closed peoria gave us the landing stage!! good ol time dancin 2 blue magoo! now the bands they bring 2 us R remarkable its such a bleesing  2  hear all my good tunes right here at home!!!!
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Thu 5/28/2009 10:13PM
the Dead show was unforgetable- we had shitty seats bt i heard & felt the music just fine!!! we managed to get closer during the set break* i cld nt stop smiling it was good 4 charlie & i to get away from work and all the BS  i wld love to jst go on tour but i still have daddy duty! ~~~~~~~~~~ *****SuMmEr CaMp 2009*********
  it was GOLDEN alright i had a blast i spent my Bday with good people and i celebrated with all of summer camp my bday tunes were special to me!!; chicago farmer,keller,LesClaypool, jaik willis(summer camp slut), cornmeal etc...