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About me:I love to dance and hula hoop! They free me and just let me live in the moment without a care...truly blissful.
I'm all about being silly and can be quite sarcastic ;) I collect instruments,books,and fortunes from fortune cookies.
I work at a desk which kills me but I work in a building and community filled with amazing people.
I'm taking classes to wake up my brain and I believe education is essential, if your not learning your not living. Not to say a class room is mandatory. I think the best education one can attain is to learn the art of just being. I love to have random adventures and go exploring :) I like to shake it up and be a little crazy. As the great Doctor Suess once said "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells!"
Member Since:June 23, 2008
Last Login:April 22, 2013
Location:Newington, CT
Birthday:March 31
Music means to me:I feel total elation from music, it moves me, speaks to me, compels me, ripples through me. It delights me, sends chills down my spine, there really are no words... just watch me dance... you'll get the idea :)
Schools:CONNECTICUT CENTER OF MASSAGE THERAPY (Best school in the world, everyone should have to go there)
General Interests:Art, culture, sustainable green living, local economics, human rights, activism,Hula Hooping!, making funny noises, playing in the dirt and did I mention dancing?
Other Distractions:Bubbles! Bugs interested in conversation, fluttering leaves,sunshine daydreams, being ridiculous when no one is paying attention.


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