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About me:Dreads, tie-dye shirts, gypsy skirts, dancing bears, painted buses, things that glow, light up, or are shinny, mother earth, a beautiful musical ballad ... are all things that electrify my heart.

Music shocks my movement and allows me too be free. I worship the sun and dance under the stars.

But nothing can beat the feeling of my feet with no shoes in the sand, my best friends and family jamming with the band.

I live for the roar of festivals and the hours of lost sleep in summer.

I am one. I am all my own. But I share my heart with whomever will share their stash. :)
Member Since:March 9, 2010
Last Login:March 3, 2014
Location:Manchester, NH
Birthday:May 8
Music means to me:Music is in everything I do. It is not only a passion, it's a spiritual enlightenment too my soul and the gateway too personal freedom. I hope others can find the way ....
General Interests:Drawing, acting, singing... day dreaming... yoga... massages... finding other ways too express creativity... exploring new frontiers... meeting people at concerts and festivals... acting silly and not caring... supporting mother earths finest forests...
Other Distractions:Finding new bands for hours at a time online... dancing aimlessly along the street... taking pictures of my beautiful friends... watching the waves crash on the rocks....

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