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About me:Love Going and seeing new shows everywhere and anywhere live in Ol Pensacola Lame music scene but i travel to see whatever comes like jamming to jambands all of em REGGAE prob my favorite then some trippy JAzz Funk, Soul, some Bluegrass,some Beats can be from Electronica / Rock / Crunk you can find me in the Mix like trance /breakbeat / some dope hip hop Eazy E Put i LIke Something to get hype too with me and the Crew getting down straight boogy Fever haha best feeling
Member Since:February 20, 2008
Last Login:September 29, 2009
Location:Pensacola, FL
Birthday:January 8
Music means to me:The Art and Sound just Makes me Feel i Belong Music is creativity of Each Person and i like Gettin Down To Some Funkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmsssss music is me because when it hits you you feel no pain jah mon
Schools:Got One
General Interests:heADY cRYSTALS AND ROCKS IS MY SHIT!smoking The Dank, Traveling , Mountain Biking , Surfing , Rock Climbing , Camping , Festivities just whatever the world has to offer longboarding the the parks chilling on the beach
Other Distractions:school, work, bills,gas prices, The Goverment in this election, Whos the next president is going to be WoW Both jus as bad they should just run together our Government Blows about to turn in to a communist country ahhhhh

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