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About me:I attend a little program called Evening High School which is pretty cool. less hours than regular school, hard work though. If everything goes smoothly i will have a job at Toys-R-Us... YES!!
Member Since:August 1, 2006
Last Login:August 15, 2007
Location:Fruitland, MD
Birthday:April 14
Music means to me:It means havin' fun, making yer'rself feel like a badass and knowin' yer' role bitch.
Schools:East Salisbury, Wi Middle, Wi High
General Interests:I like playin the bass it's a great instrument really. Verdine White is the shizzle from out of this wizzle.
Other Distractions:Ehh... stuff. I like playing tennis, i'm uh... pretty badass and unbeatable when it comes down to it. Tossin' the football around feels pretty good too, that also makes you feel like a badass. Too bad i'm not good at throwin' the ball, i'm a better reciever than QB. mm..


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