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About me:See that girl, barefootin' along,
There's laughing in her eyes, dancing in her feet,
She's a neon-light diamond and she can live on the street...

I am an East coast girl with a west coast soul. My favorite things include live music, whiskey, and live music. I hope to one-day travel the world far and wide. I love the beach with a good book and myself or with cocktails and a slew of friends, I guess I love the beach served anyway. My sidekick in life is my dog Dude, he's always up for late night chit-chat or a long drive. I like the animals I've encountered more than most people I've met. My favorite place in the world is a fabulous music festival with thousands of my closest friends. I love sleeping in a tent surrounded by a magical world that exists only for the span of time between when the first arrive and the last leave. A world that revolves around extraordinary music, and revels in its own insanity. I'd like to go sky diving. I'd like it if it were happiness that made the world go round rather than money. I'd like it if there were more lovers than haters. I'd like to spin around in circles really really fast with my arms outstreched in an open field full of wildflowers. I'd like to go barefoot everywhere I go. I'd like a world without war. I'd like it everyone stopped to smell the roses, pet the puppies and kiss the babies. I'd like it if everone enjoyed life as much as I do. I am a huge fan of being tan, laughing and smiling, dancing and frolicking. My favorite pastimes include frisbee, hula hooping, and witty banter. I hate being inside and Je parle Francais. That's as far as this stream of conscience will take me right now... Myspace Backgrounds
Member Since:January 11, 2006
Last Login:July 1, 2014
Location:Huntington Beach, CA
Birthday:August 25
Music means to me:Music makes my world go round.
Schools:Florida State University
General Interests:crazy dancing
whiskey drinking
tree climbing
skirt twirling
finger painting
booty shaking
thought provoking
dirt napping
outdoor hiking
campfire making
frisbee throwing
sunset watching
cigarette smoking
barefoot walking
Other Distractions:Reading. I devour the written word n and form, with any cover. Oh and bangle bracelets. And any other accesories that make noise.


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