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About me:I live in Northern AZ, I am huge into hiking, camping, my girl and my three dogs. Try to catch as many shows as possible and thanks to the Orpheum in Flag the music scene here is far improved! WSP is my band, Mikey inspired me to play guitar, Georgey had his moments and helped the band through a really tough time, Jimmy is finding his place, every time I see him with the boys I am more impressed!
Member Since:February 13, 2007
Last Login:March 28, 2015
Location:Lake Montezuma, AZ
Birthday:May 7
Music means to me:Music means everything to me, it is a universal language that can tie us all together.
Schools:Some college
General Interests:mountain biking, forestry, wildlife, reading
Other Distractions:Beers, politics, home imoprovement


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