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About me:We are: Jared (guitar/vocals)
Chis (bass)
Mike (drums/cow bell)
The connection between the members of funk ewe go back far beyond the days before they made noise together. Mike moved to the Adirondacks in Northern New York from Flroida with his parents when he was very young. He moved to Mineville a town that went to the local central school of the next town over Moriah. This school was also the school that Chris went to being a native of the Moriah, Port Henry area. Chris however moved after several years from Moriah and never made contact with Mike over his duration of time there. Chris moved a couple of towns over and attended Elizabethtown- Lewis Central School were he was in the same class as Jared. Chirs and Jared being mistaken for each other even by family members became friends fast and at the ages of eleven started trying to play the guitar. After Chris played in a band for several years with other local kids, Jared and Chris played there first show together at the schools talent show under the band name Sit On it with Chris on the drums, and Jared on the Guitar and vocals, and another local musician with no knowledge of the insturment playing the bass. THey made it through a terrible rendition of "Basketcase" by Green Day. THe following year Jared was enrolled into a new school nearby Westport Central. Chris and Jared stopped talking for the duration of high school other than running into each other at stores and events. When Jared was a senior in high school and much in to the punk scene at the time met Mike at a friends apartment at a party. Later that year they went to the Vans Warp Tour in Montreal together. After that Jared moved to Albany, Chris after he was done school moved to North Carolina and Mike enrolled in school at Plattsburgh State. After a year a culinary school that Jared failed miserable because he would always skip class to write music. He moved home that summer. During that summer Jared ran into Mike at a local swimming hole and the found out they would be working together at a resturant in Westport. Jared and Mike started playing together after work late into the night. After a year of trying several different bass players and going to school at the same time, Jared got a call from Chris who had moved back to the ADK's and was looking for some old friends. When they met up Jared asked Chris to come play bass with him and Mike and the three met up a couple days after christmas and stated playing together and thats how it started.
Member Since:January 8, 2007
Last Login:March 15, 2007
Location:Plattsburgh, NY
Birthday:December 29
Music means to me:we all have an obsession for a broad range of music. All three of us coming from different styles of music, have formed a blend of hard rock, blues, and funk doused in improv. Our debut independently produced full lentgh album should be out for sale in the early spring,with a summer filled with live shows in the northern New York and Vermont areas.
Schools:Plattsburgh State(Mike), Schenectady,Clinton(Jared)


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