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About me:i love to dance, play, "chief like an indian",run around in figure 8's,listen to music, sing, did i mention i like to move my hips?? cause i do!!!! i i love hula hooping yay ;D im good friends with guy's dont know why guess we just see things the same way, hah most of the time! the beatles white album is amazing if you think otherwise talk to the hand. ah i like to get funky fer sure all the time ;0
Member Since:August 9, 2006
Last Login:May 7, 2008
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Birthday:March 14
Music means to me:music makes the world go around and without it we'd be fucked!@
Schools:education through self realization
General Interests:summer, hippie boys, friends, maryjane, hula hooping, dancing, singing, live music, sts9 pretty much makes my life complete.
Other Distractions:"ur pretty rowdy. we should hook up. you know. do a little dance make a little love get down tonight" ;D


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