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About me:I am a family man with two beautiful children and a lovely wife. Music is important to our household and souls and couldn't survive without it. I love to cook and eat delicious food, especially fresh local oragnic. My goal in life is to incorporate family, music, food, and work all into a full functioning network of pure AWESOMENESS!
Member Since:September 3, 2008
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Location:Chandler, AZ
Birthday:June 20
Music means to me:life, soul, necessity
Schools:WNCC, Sottsdale Culinary Intitute, CGCC
General Interests:SNOWBOARDING, skateboarding, kickin out some jams. hiking, traveling, and hanging with my family. Going to shows(damn i miss going to all the shows i want)
Other Distractions:Parker and Jude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Rajas on Toolband.com
Fri 7/2/2010 2:30PM
BMB 22 June, 2010 (08:05pm) NEW "RAJAS" WEBSITE, DEBUT CD & TOUR INFO (SUPPORT FOR...) I am very pleased to be able to announce a new WEBSITE and the debut self-titled album from RAJAS . Being the brainchild of guitarist BEN SHERAZI, the band also features PAUL JONES on bass, GINO BARBONI on percussion, and Mandala Drum and Dimension Beam inventor VINCE DeFRANCO on analog synths and the old '69' Fender Rhodes. As you are checking out the RAJAS website, be sure to click on the TOUR SECTION for info about their upcoming support for a certain prog-metal band (I guess it's official after all