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About me:I love to laugh and chill with good friends. I LOVE going to see live music and going to festivals. I love meeting new people and making new friends. Camping and hiking and just being outdoors! I love my dog(my baby)!!!
Member Since:November 17, 2008
Last Login:October 7, 2014
Location:Lee, MA
Birthday:October 7
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!!! I live for live music. Watching my favorite bands play is sometimes takes my breath away, orgasmic even. When I'm feeling blue I turn on some good tunes and I'm smiling from ear to ear.
General Interests:Learning new things
Other Distractions:Vodka, headies, more music, GO RED SOX, hula-hoopin, bar hoppin, WORK SUCKS!!!, more music, my godson, dancing, my tatto's.


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