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About me:817 Melrose Ave. every home game the Magic Bus rocks with some great talent from near and far. Simple cheap price good music 2000 people you fill in the fun
Member Since:August 27, 2007
Last Login:January 26, 2011
Location:Solon, IA
Birthday:November 19
Music means to me:The Magic Bus was founded on the basis of live music is awesome and people need to get out and enjoy it and stop listening to corp. radio and start hearing the real stuff live. Go Hawks
Schools:k-12 16 years and counting at the University of Iowa
General Interests:bands looking to play here
Other Distractions:beer, not light beer, but beer you know the kind you call dark beer because you haven't a clue how to tell an american style lager or pils from a porter or a pale ale.


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