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About me:Im a stone thrower,a button pusher push-over,an ill lazarus cat led astray,already down to 5 lives.I'm a back alley escape ArtisT and a centrifuge for momentary lapses of reason. Just a program,a fragile fractal,a curious eye,contracted pupil, attention to detail,one of us,pointing at them,a recluse in a noose,non-refundable and out of print.
Member Since:March 3, 2008
Last Login:March 3, 2008
Location:Toledo, OH
Birthday:March 9
Music means to me:inspiration and soundtrack to life
Schools:Toledo school for the Arts
General Interests:Travel, grafitti, skateboarding, painting, writing, playing guitar, making short films, sociology
Other Distractions:women, politics, anthropology, change, bad habits, pogo sticks


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