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About me:Hi!!

I play in a Brookly, NY based jam band and would like to share our groove with the world!!!!

I guess the best way to describe us is like this...

We are a guitar trio that sounds like a funky jamming orchestra that you can dance to! Using loop technology, Teddy Kumpel (nine inch nails, modesky martin & woods, ricky lee jones) creates a multi layered soundscape of funky guitar textures that boggles the mind and keeps the feet moving...Frank Scavone's sexy bass (zen tricksters, blue oyster cult, bruce springstein)shakes the low end like a Mack truck and Matt Miller's masterful drumming (blood sweat & tears)keeps the dancers partying, relentlessly. Mr. Shifty is the leader of the next wave of funky jam bands. Check us out at: http://myspace.com/mistershifty
Member Since:December 18, 2006
Last Login:April 17, 2009
Location:Deer Park, NY
Birthday:February 5
Music means to me:It is my life. Always has been & always will be.
Schools:Bass Collective--NYC
Lincoln Goines--Private Studies
Bakithi Kumalo--Private Studies
General Interests:Cooking, Creating, Playing & Writing Music, Gardening, Making Love.

Other Distractions:2-1/2 Men---That show kills me!


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