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About me:I want to see the world and eventually conquer it.
Member Since:January 5, 2004
Last Login:April 17, 2015
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:June 3
Music means to me:i can hear!!!
General Interests:ripping air conditioning units out of windows, cats on leashes (sometimes in strollers), tar and feathering people, roshambo, ultimate frisbee, my quasi bonsai, plan 9, walri, vang, tang!, mulch, rockin out!, BBQ chicken nachos from Easy Street, milder jalapeno tabasco sauce, ticket stubs
Other Distractions:Taming and Training Falcons, folding clothes, Chipotle, toxic wastes!, CANTON, cafe diem, running down hills, rolling down hills, late nite chanellos, scott mutter, camping, locking people out of the house, traveling, canoeing at HUNG!, bars, long matches, cartwheels, alaskan klee kais,CARTOONS!, making lists, xylophones,...i'm easily amused.


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take a deep breath, relax, and push it on out
Tue 8/5/2008 6:24AM
Low profile, no more smiles, til all of y'all quit acting so damn wild
Slow down child, you're gonna lose balance,
too overanxious, the goods will get damaged

How many stories can you fit into a tanktop?
How many wishes get spent on what you ain't got?

The youth want truth, well thank god
feel fuller longer
Wed 2/6/2008 10:17AM