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About me:music is my religion.
im into funk, reggae, ska, improg, jam, jazz, bluegrass, progressive/classic/psychedelic rock, jam grass, boogaloo, new orleans funk, organic techno, irish drinking music, polyethnic cajun slamgrass, metal, swing, and blues.
Member Since:March 4, 2004
Last Login:October 2, 2014
Location:Berkeley, IL
Birthday:November 20
Music means to me:a means of communication beyond verbal description with infinite potential for exploration and enlightenment
Schools:Ohio State
General Interests:live music, festivals, clouds, nature, wake/skate/snowboarding, ping-pong, rockclimbing, camping, volleyball, polevaulting, bass guitar, drums, djembe, stand-up comedy, absurdity, obscenity, obsessing over music
Other Distractions:girls


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