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12.6.96 - a Phish and Primus Connection
Fri 11/9/2007 2:21PM
December 6th 1996 will always remain as the day that secured my Phish fandom.  I was a big Primus fan, and when I found out that les and larry had sat in with Phish in Vegas I must admit I became very interested in what their collaboration may have sounded like.  It also made me realize that maybe all that time my friends spent playing me phish songs wasn't in vain after all.  I searched out the show, and really enjoyed what I was hearing.  The following summer, a close friend gave me some classic words of advice - "If you do anything this summer, go to The Great Went."  The beginning of the end, so to speak, because my musical interests were only beginning to blossom.  76 phish concerts later and I will always look back on 12.6.96 as the springboard to a life of improvisation, experimentation, and most importantly, fun!