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About me:I'm Ellie, but you can call me whatever you'd like. It's a shame that my musical talents don't go much further than "Rock Band" for xbox. But while I still have my hearing, I can't keep from listening to those better than myself.
Member Since:August 21, 2008
Last Login:October 3, 2014
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:March 8
Music means to me:Have you ever been on a really great date where you two have similar interests, same tastes, and are both moved to tears during certain episodes of Maury Povich? Where you feel you can say anything and you're not being judged; do anything and it won't be held against you? You can reach out your hand, and they're always there. I am, of course, refering to my ipod.
Schools:I took bowling in college; it was my only class.

I got straight A.
General Interests:Rolly chair races down San Francisco streets, paintballing, documentaries, doing crossword puzzles in pen, bowling, foreign anything, the smell of book stores, and performing magic card tricks for random people.
Other Distractions:Red jackets, musicians, craigslist, "Rock Band" (not Guitar Hero; I suck), and anything plaid.


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