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About me:I live in Ann Arbor Michigan. My first experience with a "JamBand" was in 1988 when I first saw the Grateful Dead. Before long I was going to as many shows as possible, often following entire tours. In '93 I saw Phish for the first time and was impressed. I ended up seeing over 100 Dead shows with Jerry, continue to see Phish and their solo efforts, and have seen many other jambands at various festivals. Favorites include; Moe., MMW, STS9, Disco Biscuits, Allman Bros, Warren Haynes, D.S.O., Ratdog, Phil & Friends, Primus, Yonder Mnt. String Band,
Derek Trucks, Bela Fleck (w/or without Flecktones) and many more. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places and faces. I live with my Partner of 16 years who just had a liver Transplant so it's been awhile since we got to ANY shows, but thing are looking up and by the Summer he should be recovered enough to go to some shows or a Festival!!
Member Since:June 26, 2005
Last Login:August 8, 2015
Location:Ann Arbor, MI
Birthday:September 19
Music means to me:FEELING ALIVE!!!!
General Interests:All kinds of art, films (silent, film noir, art house, cult, horror, comedy, mystery, surreal, avante garde, independant...), oceans, mntns, animals, trees, books, poetry, traveling, psychedelica, collecting imported spiritual objects; buddha's,
Tibetan Bells, Hindu items, Yin Yangs, Ankh's, crystals, shells, herbs; sage, lavender, St. John's Wort, anise, rosemary, vanilla, chamomile, mistletoe, yarrow (home grown, picked and dried, if poss.), history, meeting new people, trying new things, memorys of good times, with good friends, having fun, DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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