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About me:Herbie is my uncle so naturally i am really funky and somtimes smell like cheese. Other then that...Dexter Wansel is my step dad and Erykah Badu is my mom. The band Jamiroqui are my neighbors ...i eat over there as much as possible. They call me DJ Saturday Baxter
Member Since:May 5, 2002
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Location:Jacksonville Beach, FL
Birthday:September 21
Music means to me:music creates a perfect back drop for some sweet love making.
Schools:University of North Florida
General Interests:funk, groove, soul, surfing, my super hot sexy wife, all things that glow or sparkle, latin culture, fender rhodes, traveling, tubes, cooking, thongs
Other Distractions:Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, SURFING, 30rock, talk radio, spinning some funk, traveling to surf... my crazy dog LANI, our primerica business that is really cool.


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Sat 2/16/2008 2:50PM
There is a band SUENALO from Miami.   They are really funky.  Afro-Latin improvisational funk and NuJazz Dance music.  I can not figure out why they are not super huge.  Go check them out!