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About me:I am a music teacher at an inner city high school and MUSIC IS MY LIFE! I love to rock climb, do yoga, and play classical guitar. I have rings on my fingers and bells on my shoes. Going to shows and festivals is my life!
Member Since:August 2, 2008
Last Login:March 4, 2015
Location:North Providence, RI
Birthday:February 22
Music means to me:SURRENDER TO THE FLOW
Schools:Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Psychology Minor from Rhode Island College 2005
General Interests:vegetarian food, patchouli oil, making clothes, good beer, playing djembe, roller blading, hooping, swimming, the beach
Other Distractions:Playing phish and dead tunes on my guitar rather than practicing things I need to learn either for the weddings I play or for the kids I teach at school.


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