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About me:Lucid Lion music is a unique blend of melodic/acoustic folk-rock with a touch of jazz and reggae. Their original songs are unlike those of the vast majority. There’s a tenderness and heartfelt joy that catches listeners by surprise lighting up smiles and good vibes everywhere they go. Passion strikes the stage with an improvised live painting accompanying almost every show. Brieanna Giordano, also recognized as "PolyAmorOrphic", expresses the depths of love and freedom as she paints her way through the trenches of her soul. Lucid Lion always brings raw energy and vibrancy to the stage, uplifting the spirits of all!

Lucy Morningstar began playing music from the time she could walk. She has studied and played music from the age of three and wrote her first song at the age of 15. Through going to many concerts and gathering inspiration she realized her ambition to be a performing musician.Over time, Lucy’s curiosity along with a natural sense of rhythm, melody, and poetry cultivated a greater focus, magnifying her ambitions as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. Intuitive improvisations and kinetic realizations turned live performances into a heightened reflection of the search for truth. As this lens took focus Lucy’s fire grew leading to the creation of Lucid Lion. Her influences include Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Ani Difranco, Blind Melon, Ben Harper, Modest Mouse and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She made her NYC live concert debut at Sullivan Hall on September 14, 2010, and has performed live at clubs and concert halls across the Tri-State area. Lucy performs with live stage painter PolyAmorOrphic, who creates improvised artworks throughout the show. Lucid Lion will be embarking on a summer tour to support their debut album release.
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