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About me:i currently attend white cloud high school.
sports are a must. i am a junior varsity cheerleader and im going out for track this year.
im an easily pleased person. snow, candy, friends, family, my feet in the sand, shopping, seeing new places, ferris wheels, ice-skating, ice-cream on a summer day, kissing in the rain, cooking, meeting new people; all make me happy.
im never sure what my actual favorite color is. it changes at least once a week, but right now its green. =]
i believe that life's about taking the risk and then praying to God that you made the right decision.
in three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life:
it goes on.
i absolutly love the city.
when it comes to boys either respect me or you’re out, hurt me and ill leave. cheating is not an option. i refuse to take bullshit from anyone anymore.
i absolutely love thunderstorms and lightening.
im stubborn, argumentative, outspoken, crazy, and just a little accident prone.
i probably laugh and smile way more than anybody should.
i would love to be able to graduate from high school and then attend college to obtain my culinary arts degree.
i have a new hair style at least every other month. i love trying new things.
nothing beats going barefoot.
and...the most important things you need to know:
i've had a pretty messed up life.
and i don't talk about it much. it's not because it hasn't affected me yet. it's because it hasn't defined me.
get to know me. =]
Member Since:February 13, 2010
Last Login:February 17, 2010
Location:White Cloud, MI
Birthday:August 13
Music means to me:Without music, my day is completely empty and boring. I wake up to music, I go to school listening to music. Music, to me means life. Every emotion I have experienced, every moment I have lived, I can associate distinctly with a song or a tune that went in my head. Music makes me nostalgic, it brings ecstasy, it brings energy, and it brings tears.
Schools:White Cloud High School.
General Interests:cheer leading. shopping. hanging out w/ friends. track. volleyball. soccer. softball. holidays. movies. carnivals.


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