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About me:I am a musician/producer/engineer who's expression is unique and unlike any of those before him. Music creation and the flow of a groove is everything that drives my heart and soul to join as one to creatively shine brighter than the sun, ya dig?
Member Since:March 14, 2008
Last Login:March 12, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:December 12
Music means to me:Love... and read my "About Me" section...
Schools:Full Sail University
University of Central Florida
General Interests:Love, Creation, The Spirit Molecule, Music Festivals, Family, Friends, Funk, Revolution, Inspiration, Motivation, Selflessness, My Little Lady Elle, Piano, Guitar, Bass, MIDI, Music, Life, Experience, Knowledge, Expression, Camping, Completing Goals, and Experiencing Experience Everyday, can you diggit?!?
Other Distractions:ADD and Music


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