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About me:luv to go to shows...its my life! werd festie kids! yay! I LOVE KYND SOULS, A K-Y-N-D...IS SO MUCH DIFFERENT THAN THE KIND. GET IT? live a alternative life...mainstream world sucks and is overated...get on the bus and stay on. PROMOTE self artists....i make patchwork goodies....i love hula hooping....i make lots of herbal goods....and im a hip mama.
Member Since:March 1, 2005
Last Login:June 6, 2011
Location:Painesville, OH
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:the fucking world!
General Interests:some bands but not limited: ekoostik hookah, the dead....00 tour! root, robert randolph...hes becoming to commercial now though. Dark STAR orchestra, sci, micheal franti,YMSB, particle, Disco Biscuits, GALATIC, sound tribe sector 9, some trey is good, I LOVE FESTIVALS...LOT KIDS REUNITE...KYND SOUL, KYND HEART...YOU WILL MAKE IT IN THE END AND GO VERY FAR!
Other Distractions:LIVE life to the fullest so that you love the life you live....


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