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festgrrl, magnolia fest preview
Sun 9/21/2008 5:46PM

Expect transcendental jams at Magnolia Fest, October 23-26, at the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida!

Newgrass pioneer Sam Bush is on the bill, and it is always great to see him sitting in with whomever, as well as his own excellent Sam Bush band. He recorded on Dread Clampitt's new CD (not out yet) He played fiddle -- not mandolin. Dread Clampitt's talented Balder Saunders held down the smokin' mandolin for the new record. Dread's fantastic fiddle player, Justin from Australia, has left the band, so we'll hear a new sound this Magfest when the boys come over from Walton County, Fla.

I'm psyched to see Donna Jean and the Tricksters, old deadhead that I am. Here's the skinny on the band from their website:

"Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay was born to sing, and over the course of time she’s done so with people like Elvis Presley, Percy Sledge, Boz Scaggs, and Jerry Garcia. Now she has a new band that she’s quite certain is on a creative par with anything she’s ever done. “This band is a perfect fit for me as a singer/songwriter,” she said recently, “and I hope to be doing this for a long time to come. We’re having so much fun with this music!” The Grateful Dead alumna has joined up with six members of the next musical generation – Mookie Siegel (David Nelson Band; formerly Phil & Friends, RatDog), Wendy Lanter (Hope in Time), and Jeff Mattson, Tom Circosta, Klyph Black and Dave Diamond (Zen Tricksters) to form Donna Jean and the Tricksters."

A number of the Magnolia Fest favorites have new CDs out.

The Duhks, out of Winnipeg, Canada, have a stellar new release called Fast Paced World. Girl singer Jessee Havey is gone, as is the fantastic Afro-Cuban drummer Scott Senior, replaced by Sarah and Christian Dugass. The new disc has a lot more production on it. I'ts slicker than their earlier releases. Sarah Dugass really shines here, but I kind of miss young fiddler Tania Elizabeth's background vocals, they are not as prominent on the new disc. And she really has an angelic voice. How about this for spooky coincidences --- the single off the album, "Mighty Storm," is an old folk song about a hurricane hitting Galveston, Texas. Who knew?

Donna The Buffalo has a new CD out, Silverlined. It turns out I already knew almost every song on it, because they've been playing them live. A few new treats, though, from this infectiously danceable band. I like the "Superstar" song, it has an old rock and roll feel to it. No doubt the herd will be jumping.

Also new release out from The Avett Brothers, called Gleam II. Great writing, great vocals. It is great, and I can't gush enough about these boys, now signed with Columbia.

Col. Bruce and The Quark Alliance will be in the house, certain to blow everyone's mind. And of course our favorite lion, Peter Rowan. He did a REALLY trippy set at Springfest in the ampitheatre. I hope he brings some of the greats on stage with him, he always does.


The river is really high from recent rains, so be careful.

Don't forget your radio, they have a lo-fi broadcast from the main stage.

Don't forget your hammock to put up at the ampitheatre stage.

If you have a sun shower, pack it. The showers get gross and they are cold.