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About me:Ive kind of always felt like I was wandering through life with little or no direction...its taken me a long time to figure out but im pretty sure what i want out of life...Although im having trouble figuring out how to get it...Im not really looking for much...mostly to be happy...I just started some lapidary classes and im very excited about it...hopefully ill be making jewelry full time soon and be able to travel around the country and the world selling my stuff...Someday i hope to buy a house and some land in the mountains of NC that i can share with my phriends, phamily, and all my animals. But ive learned throughout my life that i cannot count on anyone but myself to get where i wanna go...it seems to me that the people ive loved, trusted, and counted on the most are same people who hurt me the most in the end...but thats ok because ill still get there eventually.

Member Since:May 2, 2005
Last Login:March 24, 2010
Location:Elburn, IL
Birthday:July 23
Music means to me:life

Schools:kaneland high skool, other random places, lapidary skool
General Interests:http://www.wildroots.org/

Being in Love, hiking thru the forest with my cat, the mountains, bathing in rivers, taking pictures of mushrooms and plants, porchsitting during thunderstorms, looking for rainbows, walking on the beach looking for sea shells, laying in the sun all day, watching the sun rise/set, looking for cool rocks, traveling, camping, backpacking, music, festivals, flee markets, lapidary arts, glass sculpting, soap making, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Art, Going to the Pub with my buddies, Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, Geology, Mineralogy.....Of course kitties i love them...especially mine :)
Other Distractions:Mary Poppins, Dirty Dancing, Easy Rider, Overboard, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dazed and Confused, Pirates of the Caribbean (anything with Johnny Depp) Back to the Future (all 3 of course) wizard of OZ, Requim for a dream, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, butterfly effect, saw, saw 2, people under the stairs, all the nightmare on elm street movies....

Seinfeld, Roseanne, Survivor, Lost, Real World, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Wheel of Fortune


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