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About me:Well I am pretty much using this site as a way to track my band "The New 76ers" -

I play stand-up bass in that band and in another group called "Even Money"-

I am primarily a singer but I play most stringed instruments as well as horns and drums. I unfortunately don't limit myself to the amount of instruments I try to learn... I really find pleasure in playing all of them!
I have had the priveledge to perform for thousands many years now and I can tell you honestly, I never stop enjoying myself... although it can get tiring, it is always a blessing to be able to connect with people on a higher ground through music!
Member Since:September 9, 2009
Last Login:October 27, 2011
Location:Tallahassee, FL
Birthday:July 7
Music means to me:It is a part of my life... I am learning so much everyday about how we percieve music and how music influences our lives... currently I am reading "The Mozart Effect" by Don Campbell and I must say that his work and others he has had the priveledge to study are profoundly changing my life on a daily basis and I encourage you to read his book. Soooo positive!
Music... I am music... aren't we all?
Schools:TCC, Lively, FSU
General Interests:Science, Neurology, Psychology...
I am developing a method to teach children and adults rhythm...
I love my family... my wife and child are my glue. They are so amazing and really keep me in this awe struck world of appreciation! Life is a miracle and if you have a child, you know what I mean.
Other Distractions:My wife, my daughter, my lakehouse... you name it I can find a distraction. Life is full of distractions, some good and some bad. I have found that you just have to come up with your own choice of what to do with the time you are given...


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