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About me:dirty nails, smiling face, i think and speak an awful lot, but never leave a trace...

I hail from the banks of the mississippi in wisconsin. i like sports the green bay packers, brewers baseball, the wisconsin badgers, and the chicago blackhawks. love my family, my thoughts are always with them, scattered across the globe. I'm into dancing or vice versa, keeping my alcohol intake at a manageable level, and the outdoors. thats a start. bio update com-plete... resume morning sex with pretty girlfriend... then walk dog... 31.5 hours until monday night kickoff: Green Bay vs. Chicago at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL... commence beer cheese soup preparation...
Member Since:August 27, 2010
Last Login:November 30, 2014
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:October 29
Music means to me:the sound of things happening. and that have happen. or what will happen... or might happen.
Schools:Blessed Sacrament Old School
General Interests:saving the err... temporarily postponing the destruction of mother earth. disc golf. daydreamin
Other Distractions:easily distracted


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