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About me:Eric M. Bell is a music journalist and jazz guitarist. He is a featured contributing columnist at JamBase, the world's leading source of live music and concert information. His blog, Fukuoka Policeman, takes a new turn on the traditional music interview, substituting the art and science of the craft for its usual celebrity. Mr. Bell’s influences have been many: Tom Wolfe and Hunter Thompson, The New Yorker and Playboy, Miles Davis and Trey Anastasio and, Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. Besides working as a principal in an investment banking firm, his other interests include contemporary art, existentialist philosophy, US National Parks, Fellini films, and hiking in Colorado’s High Country. He is a native Texan and lives in San Antonio.
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Location:San Antonio, TX
Birthday:December 8
Music means to me:I cannot say what I think is right about music. I only know the rightness of it. - Keith Jarrett

Rock and Roll - on a certain level - is a bunch of bullshit, but music is not. music is the realest thing in the world to me, and anyone who's been there can feel it. - Trey Anastasio
Schools:University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Class of 2007
St Mary Hall - Class of 2002


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