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About me:I live in a small town
i get bored frequently
i have a myspace
i have a blog its like my life
i love music
i happen to bee in love
with the hush sound
there is no other band
i listen to a nice variety of
i like to listen to new bands
i hate stupid people
i love rice.
Member Since:March 28, 2008
Last Login:March 28, 2008
Location:Lebanon, IN
Birthday:April 28
Music means to me:Music is so much more to listen to
behind every great artist there is insperation
i like music beacause it
is what calms me
it is what makes my world turn
it inspires me to be the person i am
if i like a band it wont be because somone else likes it
its beacause i find interest in
the band .
in short
i love music
dont be fake
Schools:i go to high school
General Interests:drugs
Other Distractions:drugs

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