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About me:The Legend of Eric Heisman and The Formation: Hey all, I am Eric Heisman. Here's a bit 'bout me and The Formation. I was born and raised in the good ol' United States and I love traveling. I work at a hardware store here in Texas and in my spare time, I write a song er two. When I roll, I generally hit the road with my buddy George, we been to Mexico and all over, but you can usually find us in New Orleans come Mardi Gras. George is a lawyer, but he spends most his time d'fendin' poor schlubbs who drink too much, like George, and paradin' without permission. George and I put this little thing together because we love spreadin' good vibes better than peanut butter. And we love peanut butter! The first tune I ever wrote was an epic story called "Swamp". It's a nice joint about what talkin' frogs might say if'n you ever find yourself talkin' to frogs at night. We wrote it in metaphor, of course, since the one thing I don't do is spend a great deal o' time talkin' to frogs at night. Swamp!
Member Since:August 10, 2007
Last Login:August 10, 2007
Location:Fairborn, OH
Birthday:July 28
Music means to me:A vehicle to another world. Having fun with my friends. The most important part of a movie. A fine way to pass time while showering, staring, and waiting for the sandman. Well, and Mmusic is almost necessary for dancing.
Schools:The Peter Fonda School for Squares - Graduate
General Interests:Indians, commune theatre, parties and parades, tha man's newest tricks
Other Distractions:Beat Poetry, Bebop Jazz, Kookie hippie songs, anti-pop art

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