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About me:I am a 35 year young professional Hippie with a Job. I left home in 1985 to tour the country with a band, I think they were called "The Grateful Dead....... "I am originally from Balitmore, Maryland but have spent the remaining years of my life off tour in San Francisco, California. I still dabble with some shows but for the most part I have taken on many other responsabilities like college and a locally owned Lawn Care Company.
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Location:Santa Rosa, CA
Birthday:December 23
Music means to me:Music has played a major part in my life. I still use music as a release when things seem to get hectic. I enjoy a wide variety of music now Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass ect...What ever the style usally defines the mood but regardless I can always say "There's nothing left to do but Smile,Smile,Smile....." J. Garcia


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