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About me:Love the whole jam scene, have been going to shows on a regular basis for around 12 years or half of my life. Father is in a bluegrass/cover band and got me into music at an early age. I graduated college with a double major in environmental studies and international marketing.
Member Since:November 30, 2004
Last Login:September 17, 2012
Location:Chesterfield, MO
Birthday:December 4
Music means to me:Life. Music has been in me since the day i was born. I am in to all genres of music, really like jam/rock and bluegrass. In the last year or so i have started getting into other music, such as wilco, the arcade fire, muse, siger ros. Some really good crazy shit.
Schools:Missouri State and University of Missouri St. Louis.
General Interests:outdoors, girls, St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, Golf, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, music, trying to play music.
Other Distractions:everything im very "ADD"


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