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About me:I'm a student at the University of Minnesota. My hobbies are going to live shows or jamming with my buds. My dream is to own a venue someday so that the live shows can someday come to me. After college I plan to go into the concert promotions industry so I can stay close to live music because music is my life and will always be.
Member Since:February 20, 2009
Last Login:August 27, 2012
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Birthday:April 30
Music means to me:Everything:
- Imagination
- Expression
- Love
- Peace
- Good Vibes
- Spiritual Sensations
- Nature
- Euphoria
- Social Movments
- Communication
Schools:University of Minnesota
General Interests:Art (lately throwing clay on the wheel), would like to learn how to blow glass someday, traveling, couchsurfing
Other Distractions:I jam with friends and go to shows. And when I'm not doing those, I'm usually hangin with my krew.

I spent 4 months in Europe. 3 of them I lived in Italy. The other I traveled. Time of my life


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